2023 Enrollment for CSC High-level Postgraduate Program (Type B)


1.1 General Requirements

Citizenship: A citizen of a country other than the People's Republic of China.

Health: Good and above.

Others: Well-mannered and of integrity, Non-holders of other Chinese Government Scholarships

1.2 Age and Language Requirements


Note: An applicant who is from English speaking country or graduates from an English-taught program is exempted from the above certificates.


2.Program Catalogue


Note: The above are English-Taught programs, and there is no Chinese-Taught program for High-level Postgraduate Program.


3.Application Materials

All the following materials are required to be clear and complete.

A Color Scanned Copy of Passport (Photo Page, Visa Page if applicable)

A Color ID Photo Valid within 6 Months (JPG, JPEG, No Bigger than 1M)

A Color Scanned Copy of the Highest Degree Transcript

Two Recommendation Letters

A Color Scanned Copy of English Proficiency Test Certificate

Research Proposal (no less than 1500 words)

The Provisional Acceptance Letter of a Supervisor at Jiangnan University


Physical Examination Record (Within 6 Months)


Non-criminal Record

Publications (for PhD Applicants)


For Design program application, the portfolio is expected to cover at least 3-4 of the applicant's drawings or sketches or photography and other craft works, expressing design and/or art foundations or innovative ideas and social concerns in the specified area of study.


Other Supporting Materials

Non-Chinese or Non-English documents are required for attachment of Chinese or English translation either notarized or issued by the original organization.


All the above materials are required to be color scanned and submitted. They are to be verified upon registration.


Applicants who pass the preliminary examination will receive a pre-acceptance letter from the university. Please upload the pre-acceptance letter to the Chinese Government Scholarship Management Information System in time.


4. Time Schedule

Application Time

October 15 ,2022-February 20, 2023


Interview Time

Early or Mid-March, 2023


Delivery time of admission materials

July or August, 2023


Registration Time

Around the end of August to the beginning of September,which might vary with your offer or email notification from the university


5. Application and Admission Procedures

Step One

Log in the Chinese Government Scholarship Information System at

https://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn/ and select the Program Type B to submit application. Jiangnan University Agency Number is 10295.


Step Two

Log in the specific School website to contact a supervisor in Jiangnan University and gets his/her provisional acceptance letter. Please see the School website in the above Program Catalogue


Step Three

Log in Jiangnan University International Students Service System to complete the application procedure at https://jiangnan.17gz.org/.


Step Four

The School of International Education at Jiangnan University screens the applicant's qualifications.


Step Five

The receiving school at Jiangnan University reviews the applicant's application and submits the list of proposed admissions to the International Students Admission Office.


Step Six

The International Students Admission Office reviews the list of proposed admissions and send the list of recommended candidates to the CSC for the final review.


Step Seven

CSC approves and issues the offer.


Step Eight

Jiangnan University delivers the admission materials to admitted students.


6.Scholarship Coverage


7.Contact Information

School of International EducationNo.1800,Lihu Avenue, Wuxi, Jiangsu, P.R.China.


Postal Code: 214122


Email: admissionsjiangnan.edu.cn

Tel: 0086-510-85329235, 85919552

Website: http://studyabroad.jiangnan.edu.cn